Is there any trick to getting encoded text into an emailmessage body?

I am trying to send an email with utf-8 encoded text including an emoji, but the message received doesn’t appear to have it’s content encoded and the emoji isn’t displaying correctly.

Yes, use CURL from MBS or the Chilkat plugin. Xojo’s email functionality is very basic. I think that might be a pun.

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Thanks @Beatrix_Willius, not quite the answer I was hoping for though.

The answer is to convert the emoji into a XHTML value and then use BodyHTML to hold the message.

Public Function ConvertStringToXHTML(Value As String) as String
  // Value is a UTF-8 encoded string that may contain an emoji
  // Result will contain the same string, but emoji's will be converted to XHTML values
  Var Result As String
  For i As Integer = 0 To Value.Length - 1
    Var s As String = Value.Middle(i, 1)
    If s.Bytes = 1 Then
      Result = Result + s
      s = s.ConvertEncoding(Encodings.UTF32)
      Var j As Integer
      For k As Integer = s.Bytes - 1 DownTo 0
        j = j * 256 + s.MiddleBytes(k, 1).AscByte
      Result = Result + "&#" + j.ToString + ";"
    End If
  Return Result
End Function
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