Is there any need to continue with NUG?

This forum software just seems so much more intuitive than how the nug works.

My understanding is that the old forum and nug are being replaced by this new forum so there is just one place for all of us to interact.

This might start a flame war, no, it will start a flame war.

Yes must post this on the NUG too.

That would be a shame. I’m indifferent as to where we all interact but would like to see it be in one place.

I’m picturing you with a big wooden spoon, stirring the pot.

Funnily enough my wife sees the same picture.

Many people seem to prefer a mailing list and I doubt that will change. I understand the NUG is not going to go away anytime soon.

Yes the NUG should continue…
It is better for offline access as well as immediacy… and at least all customers are equal there.

  • Karen

I stand corrected but had the impression that Xojo, Inc. was going to consolidate our interactions in one place. I can’t recall where I got that impression but believe it was at XDC. I do like the idea but know there are strong feelings about how best to interact. Perhaps someday this forum, or some other tool, will provide a means to please almost everyone. Until then, I suppose we’ll have two completely separate means of interacting provided by Xojo, Inc.

Absolutely NOT your all going along with the NUG to the pro-forum :slight_smile:

Not to start the holy/flame war, but…

I reviewed the discussions (using the term loosely here) on the NUG and here on launch day (and since). I will probably be dropping the NUG all together. The signal to noise ratio is much better here.

Your mileage will vary!!

From what I gleaned at the conference I think that this forum will have an email/NUG like feature (how it would work exactly was never explicated). Or at least, that idea was being bandied about. A year ago I would have been upset at losing the NUG in any way, shape, or form. I used to hate forums, but this one is so much better than the old one that I’ve become a convert. Seems more like Facebook in that it feels more social and easy to navigate. I like the minimalist aesthetic. No long footers at the end of peoples comments and the button layouts are easy to find and rather intuitive.

Another pro/con on this discussion is…

NUG the post is immediately in your inbox 24/7.
By default you have to check the forum for new posts. (There will be or is a feature to notify when a given discussion is updated here)

Due to my day job, I have to have my smartphone on & alerting 24/7. So when the NUG emails come in at 2am, my phone beeps. Or when I am sitting in a meeting the chirps go off quite a bit …

On the other hand, I can login to the forums and do checks on my schedule. Like right now I am sitting at a cafe eating lunch and giving everyone my 2cents.


Interestingly, there is no mention of the NUG mailing list anywhere on Xojo’s web site. No place to sign up.

The links at the bottom of NUG messages remain:

Unsubscribe or switch delivery mode:

Search the archives:

The Unsubscribe link now redirects to the XoJo main page – no place to subscribe or unsubscribe. However, the Archive link still works.

Perhaps they are just going to let it die by attrition?

When these forums launched, I said I was skeptical but would give them a try. Usability-wise, they are far better than typical phpBB forums. Content-wise, I’m still in decision mode. More important than those are the particular people. Off the top of my head, the only regular NUG contributor who interests me who I haven’t seen here is Charles. If he continues to post to the NUG, it’ll be worth clicking into that mailbox once a day. If not, it won’t.

A good party comes depends on having enough likable, interesting people. Most of those from the NUG are here and participating.

Well, it seems that it is gone away already.
Since I prefer mailing lists I tried to subscribe but could not find a way to do so. Oh well…

Hi - My 2-cents: I’ve been keeping all my NUG emails in one of my mailboxes to access offline. I also like (and just started to use) the forums, here. What I would appreciate is the forum continuing, but also having the ability to receive (esp. in digest form) posts from here on a daily basis, for those days I’m not online. Thanks for your consideration!

Well, it seems that you can’t access older forum posts which is a big downer for me (you can only do one “show more”).