Is there an IDE tool to tell what objects are NOT necessary?

Hello all,

Is there an IDE tool to tell me what objects such as images, files (of any kind) or other are not necessary and therefore can be removed from the project to slim it and make it less complicated and easier to use?

Thanks in advance.


Nope… wish there were… Analyze Project looks at local variables (within a Method) and variables within a Method signature, but not much beyond that. There was a guy a few years ago that wrote an app that “kinda” did some of this, but it reported a lot of things that were not really varaibles/files or images. This is actually a project I’ve been thinking of working on my self.

There are pitfalls, since particularly images and files might not be actually referred to “by name”, but by some computed value, or another “indirect” method. They may also be within #IF TARGET constraints, therefore used by one platform but not another (although personally I would consider those as an active reference)

But the “worst” scenario for a “unused file/image”

dim p as picture

where “P” is never really used… but “mypicturefile” does have an active reference, you would have to determine that “P” is not used in a method call or on the right side of an “=” in any equations… and even then that wouldn’t “prove” it was really used

So the best an analysis app could do is provide “here is a list of things that MAYBE” are not used

To make is worse (as mentioned elsewhere here today by @Kem Tekinay I think) what if you use introspection to access this property/object?

Will Tim Templeman’s Arbed Product do this?

Seems to me, even the Xojo Engineers would have something to rid themselves (or depreciate from the project) of old files…

What about a LIST of used files? Anything???