Is there a way to remove the /cgi-bin/ in the URL when using cgi apps?

Hello all,

I would really like to remove the /cgi-bin/ requirement from the URL in my web apps. Makes it look clunky and unprofessional to my customers.

Does anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible? If so how?

Thanks all!

You should be able to do that with some rewrite rules. I don’t have any examples handy for you though. Once I get to the point of putting an app out for customers I tend to use haproxy and standalone apps so I can load balance and have some redundancy. I also like to have haproxy handle the ssl as well.

If you use apache I’m almost certain googling a bit would turn up some examples.

mod_rewrite to rewrite the URL.


turn on execute flag for the root directory of the webroot. This is generally a bad thing. As anything in that directory would be executed and could be use for bad things.

with apache you can do just about anything you want… and there is probably a dozen ways to do it too. that is both a pro and a con.

Or change apache’s Configuration so that cgi apps don’t have to be in the cgi-bin folder.

Hi Gregg,
Is there any instruction or link you can provide to make the change to apache?

Hey that was pretty cool Tim!