Is there a way to manage a controlset build with AddControlName

Hi All,

In the beginning of the RB Webapp history you could add a controlset to a page and after that you could add controls to that set with ‘AddControlname’. This still works in Xojo 2013r4.1. But how can i remove items from that controlset?

On a webpage is in the IDE a webbutton dragged from the library, after that with this code you could add a new button to the controlset:

Dim nb As WebButton nb = AddButton1
Is this Add-method still officially supported, and if so where can i find the documentation?


This method is not documented and therefore not officially supported. My suggestion is to put your control in a webcontainer and use EmbedWithin and Close.

It allways felt as a rather unnatural method, but it was once official supported, and if i remember correctly it was documented in a blog from Thom, but i am not sure anymore about that.

The new method to put these controls in a webcontainer also feels a bit strange because the way i see it, is every webpage a kind of a webcontainer and should support embedding other controls. Nevertheless there is a solution!

Thanks for the fast response, Greg!