Is there a way to disable plugins when loading xojo for speed?

I only use plugins for about 10% of my projects.

Having plugins installed really slows things down on 1st compile of a quick test app.

Is there any way to disable plugins through command line args or anything else like that?

Should I just have two copies of the xojo app folder and rename one of them?


The only way is to remove them from the folder, before loading Xojo. I think there’s an app for such things someone sells. Sorry, can’t remember who, I don’t use plugins.

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Thanks, on mac i ended up renaming one folder and changed the app name to XojoMBS. Seems to be working so far. I don’t really care about the extra space these two copies take up.

Good enough.

Plugins Pro, which allows you to maintain sets as well as enable and disable them, is free. It also helps you manage your MBS and Einhugur licenses.