Is there a protocol to re-open feedback tickets?

If a ticket has been marked fixed and verified but is still reproducible more than 1 release later, is there a protocol to report the ticket to be re-opened?

26165 - Listbox.CellHelpTag Never, Ever Dissapears in Windows 8

Yes, click the number and explain your reasoning that you wish to re-open it.
I can’t confirm that anyone actually reads that though…

Click the Status link at the top opened ticket and you get a new window.

That one, I meant status. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be much better to file a new report. Because of how we tag things internally, reopening cases that are marked fixed & verified will cause problems for us down the road.

Seems a bit clumsy to open a duplicate report but if it helps, I will

FYI. A new ticket has been made for the above: <>