Is there a problem with the forum?

The last couple of weeks I have seen a real slowdown in the forum, and today (not the first time) it has taken 4 or 5 attempts to post a new conversation. The page just seems to hang for an eternity. Any other site seems fine, and I have tried different browsers - well all except Edge that is :slight_smile: - but thats deliberate.

No. It’s been always like this for me. :wink:

No, itÂ’s never been like this for me. :wink:

Hmm… yesterday it was fine, but today I am seeing issues - I just tried to reply to this, and the reply submission just hung… never actually posted.

But the reply just now (immediately above) posted nearly instantly. Odd.

Kimball sounds like similar issues, sometimes fine other times hanging and three or four attempts to post.

Not the same issue, but I’ve noticed some problems with tagging certain people in forum posts that I haven’t seen before.

On a seemingly random set of users, I can select the name from the drop-down but then it only links their first name and to someone who shares that first name. Not the user I intended to tag.

Not related to this forum: depending on where I connect to the internet and the used web sharing site, the image are displayedÂ… or not. This is filtered by the local ISP.

After clearing Safari’s history, clicking Log In, entering the suggested username and pw, Safari says it cant find the site. It never happened before.

No problems here, I Always connect to the forum without any problem…now too and I do not notice any slowdown