Is there a diff win vs linux bit order?

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On a linux box, I have code that creates a key using several bytes, assembled bit by bit. I have heard of “endian” issues but an not at all familiar with this concept or problem, or if it is even a factor in my current problem which is…

Of the 24 bits stored in 3 bytes on a Linux machine, these do not appear to be read as intended on a windows machine (after being sent over TCP). I am not sure, yet if the bits in the byte are inverted or not, but thought this could be a possibility.


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Bit order / Endian issues is a function of the processor in use. I think everything that Xojo supports currently uses Intel style processors, so they all use the same byte order. Power PC chips (old Macs) used a different order, so you had to deal with that if you were sharing data between Intel and Power PC machines, but I don’t think that’s what you’re running into.

How are you sending / receiving the data?