Is stat on every Mac?

Is the command line tool /usr/bin/stat on every Mac or is it part of (and installed with) Developer Tools?

why not declare to stat function directly if you need it?

(or use a plugin)

Trying to get st_ino (file inode number)
Managed to successfully retrieve it via command line with stat -f "%i"

How might that get translated declare-wise?
Unfortunately can’t use a plugin, the code is not for myself.

If /usr/bin/stat is on every Mac then it should be all set, but I cannot determine if it’s installed for everyone or if it’s a developer tool. Google doesn’t seem to know.

pretty sure since it appeared in NetBSD and FreeBSD that it does

you sure you dont want a plain declare into lstat or something ?

I’m not exactly sure what that declare would look like.

I have virtual machines for Leopard, Snow Leopard and Yosemite - none have any developer tools installed AFAIK, and all have stat.