Is PostgreSQL 'INSERT with RETURNING' supported in Xojo?

I’m using PostgreSQL and I need to get the id of the last inserted row. my table has id field of SERIAL type . Does Xojo support the PostgreSQL INSERT with RETURNING clause?
If not - what is the Xojo recommended alternative out of CURRVAL() or LASTVAL() options?
Many thanks

Yes, use SqlSelect(“INSERT … RETURNING …”)
It works for PreparedStatemepts, not sure about another way

RETURNING works great. Use it all the time :slight_smile:
And as Kirill said, you just use an SQLSelect instead of an Execute.

Many thanks for both answers - both have, together, answered my question.

SQLSelect is for “anything that returns a result / record set”
So if you call a stored procedure that returns a record set you run it with SQSelect

Could your write a sample code? Sqlselect and returned id? Tks

Prepared statement, adding a new record to a table and returning the id this record got in a recordset with field “ID”

INSERT INTO tbl_note (note1, note2, obsolete, fk_modifiedby, ts_modified) VALUES ($1, $2, FALSE, $3, now()) RETURNING ID

this might seem odd but I suspect you could by using sqlselect - which is used for sql that returns results

You indeed can! I’ve been using this for quite some time now :slight_smile: