Is "open file folder" Mac icon always available

The “open file folder” icon is the internet name of the icon. It has Unicode point of U+1F4C2.
I want to use this icon on bevelButtons, but I remember several discussions about apps using system available icons being rejected by the Mac AppStore.
I am particularly interested since it isn’t apparently in any Mac fonts. There is
Are there any restrictions on using this or others?

This issue popped up at the beginning of 2018 for some App Store apps. I had not heard of it for any Mac App Store apps. Regardless, it’s not an issue any longer according to a MacStories article:

[quote] And during WWDC 2018, Apple released updated app review guidelines that put emoji-lovers’ fears at ease. Section 4.5.6 of the guidelines reads:

In other words, emoji are officially allowed – provided developers use the proper Unicode characters to add them.[/quote]