Is it time for an Xojo Package Manager?

Looking at the marketplace and tools for development, there’s several package management tools that can allow for people to easily update
and install add-ons, plug-ins even applications. For developers, a good example of this is NuGet for Visual Studio, or the excellent package manager
for PHP now called composer – or even “Brew” if you’re a Mac person.

But extending that though, I think Xojo is getting to the point of needing a package manager to allow for the fascination of installing software around the Xojo eco-system.

Has there been given any thought to this?

I would think that Christian would love to be able to push out a new release of MBS and have people simply do an update to get the latest, or better, if
they are new to Xojo simply do an “install” and have those plug-ins be installed within the Xojo environment.

This could extend to ANY plug-in or even class library. Looking at NuGet (which is open source) it would be great to have something built right into
Xojo to allow for this.

Just my random thought

I would love something like this. If it could help with my own private collection of external objects that would be good too.

I think we’re getting to the point where this is going to be something that is needed to make development easier on the developers.

I can’t think of any downsides with having this.