Is it possible to send photos taken by an iPad back to the server?

I have a Xojo web app running on an iPad that displays photos stored in a database on the web server. Is it possible to send photos taken by the iPad back to the server for storage in the database?

If so, does anyone have some example code or pseudo code they might be willing to share or point me to a discussion that might help?

Right now the users take the pictures with the iPad then airdrops them onto their computer. They then manually upload them into the database. If I could make the web app on the iPad send the files to the server, the web app could then tell the database to automatically upload them.

What OS is the server running? Are the photos being managed by your app or iOS?

If you need to keep the original resolution of the pictures then likely no because the webserver won’t allow files of that size uploaded in a packet. We compress the pictures and are able to send them in a packet without getting 413 errors from our server.

The server is running on a Mac Mini running HIgh Sierra. They are managed by the database on the server.

As far as resolution, that may or may not be a problem. The database curently changes the resolution of each photo during the uploading process. If they need to be compressed for transfer to the server, I can modify the database process to take that into consideration. Won’t know if this will work satisfactorily until I try it.

If I recall properly, the normal file upload process on iOS devices prompts the user to either take a photo directly or upload from existing photos… it may have changed but it’s worth a try