Is it possible to build this with Xojo WE? (event scheduler/timeline)

I need to build a timeline with events, much like this

(don’t need such resolution, just days would be fine). I like a lot how smooth and fast the interface is… I thought that I would never be able to achieve such a thing because of the latency the Xojo apps have. Anyone ever tried ?

So, if it is not possible, building the timeline in javascript and displaying it in an html viewer inside my web app… could it work ? Could it have any interaction with the app ?


While the example at that link doesn’t work for me, building a nice timeline in Xojo WE is possible, and something I have a prototype for which will eventually see the light of day as a GraffitiSuite product (currently on hold for other, more pressing things).

You should review the WebSDK examples and documentation.

Hi Anthony…

How would you deal with the latency and the general sluggishness the WE imposes for GUIs that are supposed to be fluid and fast.
Don’t mean to critizes Xojo. I understand the limitations of the design, and I also consider that I could be unefficient code, but some things like mouse events (MouseMove) are a no go for me. (At least for what I’ve tried until now)

Could you point me anything in particular I should check in WebSDK examples and documentation. I don’t have much experience with that.


Well, when using a JavaScript component, you also want to offload as much as you can to JavaScript. You only want to pass the data you absolutely need to either way. Beyond your initial setup, you really shouldn’t be swapping much data back and forth for the latency to be an issue. You’re going to send event data back, sure, but you don’t send every bit of information back, just what you need.

As an example, in GraffitiWebCalendar I have a class that represents events to display on the calendar. Once a given event is loaded, the only thing I really pass back and forth is a unique ID I assigned to that instance and what needs to be done. There is some sluggishness inherent to Xojo WE, but custom Web components can be just as fast as the built-in components.

To clarify, sure, you might need to pass a block of JavaScript off from time-to-time to perform necessary functions, but you could just as easily code all of that in to a JS file and serve it up along with the component’s base JS and CSS files.

I will look into WebSDK but for now looks like that’s beyond my possibilities… Do you know of any plugins/code available that can help me with this ?

Well, if it’s a scheduler, then check out GraffitiWebCalendar at

If it’s a timeline, then I don’t know of any currently available web solutions.

Well… GraffitiWebCalendar looks great… and the information is the same… basically “events”. But they shoud be drawn on a daily based timeline…

Try cycling through the second PopupMenu from the left side at the top for all of the available view types. You may be looking for AgendaDay or ListDay, but this still isn’t a timeline.

No, that’s not what I need, but thanks a lot anyway, Anthony!
Great work, with Graffiti Suite by the way.