Is it possible to add a handler to a menuitem with children?

Xojo doesnt provide a menu handler for these, but I was wondering if the Windows messages could be caught somehow and redirected to code?

For example, I have a menu like this:

New >
    New normal 
    New This
    New That
    New The other

Often people will click New, and nothing happens - they expect ‘new normal’ to occur, and so would I.
So Id like a click on New to produce the same effect and New Normal, where hovering over New would pop out the options.

Errm, why isn’t this just a normal menu with submenus? Contextual, if necessary.

It is, isnt it?
The thing that has a submenu can’t have a Xojo menu handler.

Consider: in this instance, there are several ‘print’ choices, but you could be forgiven for wanting to just click print and get on with it…

The reason it’s grouped like this is that the menu would be very long otherwise… I have a LOT of menu options. (At one time, they had to scroll… especially in the edit menu)

Subclass DektopMenuitem and build your menus with that. The subclass will have the MenuItemSelected event.