Is it possible to add a containercontrol in a row of a listbox

I’m busy with a realtime event list and I created a containercontrol with 2 labels (date/time & header of event), 1 canvas (for event kind icon) and a textbox for more detailed information. The ContainerControl is 704w x 100h. In my project I created a listbox with rows of the same sizes and each row will be separated by a thin double line.
When I drag the Container control into the listbox it looks like it gets embedded in the listbox. When I move the listbox to right or left, the container control moves with it.
Now I try to do the same with code, so I can add and delete rows at runtime. Somehow this will not work for me. I read through the docs, searched on the internet, but I cannot find anything on how to add the container control

Does somebody have an idea how to do this? Is it possible anyway?

look at

You can’t embed a container control in the list box (which would be such an awesome feature), but you can draw the container control in to the list box row, but you will still need to keep a copy of the container control instance somewhere…

RBCustomCells is an amazing bit of code, the only downside to it is everything is drawn through the graphics methods (which I think you can draw a container control as well, but don’t remember if I tried that or not)…

You can also come up with your own method of getting the job done…

also this example :
(and it is also from Axel !)

Axel, Jean-Yves, thanks for the links. I will read through it, :slight_smile: