Is it posible to have a WebListBox with CheckBox behavior WITHOUT server events?

The web app: A list with 50 items is displayed to the user, the user does a inspection of physical items and then must “check” some of them in the list and click a send button. I use the CellClick event to set a tag and also toogle an image in the first column. Looks great and in test worked fine.

BUT, it only takes a few simoultaneous users to make it unusable, when they start to select some items, there is a noticeable delay, enought to make the user click again, making a mess of delayed events.

Is there a way to have something in a WebListBox to have Client side toogles? Any custom control or third party control?


By definition, the Xojo framework reports to the server side so you get even handlers in order to react, for instance, to a change in checked state.

Other languages, such as Php, would treat collections of checkboxes and other fields differently. Upon hitting the submit button, the Php program would fetch all fields on a given form at the same time and process them.

I believe you can obtain the same thing with HandleURL. You design the HTMLPage containing all the forms with an HTML layout designer such as Komposer. A link in your app will then open a new window or tab, and show the HTML page like it is done in the example about HandleURL. The user fills up the form and check all needed boxes, then click submit which POSTs to the app’s HandleURL, so it fetches all value and send them to the proper session for processing.

The session handling can be pretty simple : the virtual directory used for handleURL being the handle of the session.

It is a good idea, but, maybe I over simplified the app description. It is medium sized app, not just this form, the user must log in, access some reports, some pages with CRUD actions, and go trought some dinamic pages before arriving to the list (that it is also dinamicaly loaded from a DataBase server). It will be a little too complex to detach that part for using the handleURL. Thhanks for the sugestion.

I guess you know the answer already.

How can you detach processing when you have database access and dynamic pages which in the Xojo framework are necessarily server side ?

If the app chokes because too much processing, you may want to explore load balancing.