Is it just me or does Xojo waste a lot of time???

The bugs in even the second release Xojo are unaviodable. Please xojo team, make Xojo reasonably stable as a number priority because it sucks and it is a massive problem with Xojo. I have noticed so many problems with the IDE it is ridiculous.
Off the top of my head here are some problems:
1)One of labels in feedback system does not show up properly
2)Probably about 10% of time with Xojo is not testing or developing, it is waiting for Xojo to reboot from the crash
3)Crash after delete events in a certain way
4)Xojo crashes when trying to open an existing project (workaround - create a new xojo project, goto file, open, and open the file)
5)When navigating using ‘Go to method’ in the contextual menu for code, I have to clear the search box
6)Way too expensive for a ridiculously expensive IDE, it costs 250 euros for a desktop license, when it should cost. Even if it was stable that is quite a bit too much. In the unstable state that it is in, it should cost about 70 euros and you should a discount for the lack of stablity. But as the Xojo have had Real Studio unstable for a long time now, it seems the Xojo team do not take enough care for Xojo.
7)You cannot go back to a reasonably stable older Real Studio ide. Or atleast not that I know of. I have not bought any version of Real Studio so i cannot even use an older license.

I cannot garentee, I will even a penny from my software so I cannot afford the price and I am a student so I have a lower budget. I am very sad that I cannot get my work done efficiently and cheaply! Please help Xojo. It has pontential but the stability sucks. Thanks

I have been using Xojo since its release on June 4th and I have yet to see it crash. If you can produce repeatable crashes, then please file a bug report. Otherwise, your diatribe, with multiple spelling and grammatical errors, does not impress as someone who takes care with his programming.

If you are having problems and witnessing crashes with Xojo, don’t assume that everyone is. Filing a well-written Feedback case is the best way to get a problem resolved (check first, though, to make sure your specific problem hasn’t already been reported).

Xojo has come on leaps and bounds since its first release earlier this year. It’s not perfect (no software is) but it’s still early days for a new IDE on a pretty huge piece of software.

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Windows or Mac? I think Xojo has a ton of items to address, but overall, RS 2012 on Windows crashes a lot more on me than Xojo does. And I am by no means a cheerleader for Xojo, I still do most of my work in RS.

I have no doubt that this is 100% true. :wink:

And, the IDE is free of use. You have to pay only when you want to compile the application AS STANDALONE. You can run the application from the IDE FREE !

All Platforms.

So, by the time you will learne to read what you wrote, Xojo will improve too.

And… do not get me wrong on the subject.

BTW: did you try other IDEs like NetBeans, XCode, Eclipse, … All are free. How many times did you spend (learning the IDE) until typing the first line of code ?

@Oliver Scott-Brown
As mentioned above, please write specific bug reports in Feedback. For instance, just saying “one of the labels in the feedback system does not show up properly” means it will probably never get fixed. There are something like 200 different labels in Feedback. So please file a report and tell us which label is wrong.

For each of these items, list

  1. the OS you are on and the version ( I.e. Windows 7, OS X 10.8.4).
  2. The version of Xojo that you are seeing the problem. We prefer that you test in the latest version because it is closest to the code base that we are working against.
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue. In the case of “crash when deleting events in a certain way” tell us the exact steps you are taking. If we can’t reproduce it, we probably can’t fix it.
  4. What you expected to happen. If it did something you were not expecting, tell us what you thought it should have done.
  5. What actually did happen.
  6. List any workarounds you have found. Surprisingly that sometimes helps us figure out what’s broken.
  7. Most importantly, include a simple example project which shows the bug. The simpler the better. We don’t want your whole 26MB project with a comment that says “it’s somewhere in there.”