Is it a bug?


I need my Method to return a 2 dimensions array As String.

I try to set the return type as String(,) as mentionned in the documentation

[quote]… If you need to return a multi-dimensional array, place one fewer commas in the parentheses than dimensions. For example, to return a two-dimensional array of Doubles, use this as the return type :


but the coma and the closing parenthesis are automatically deleted when the field looses focus.


Are you using Xojo 2018r2?


Yes, I think it is a bug. 2018r1.1 work ok, 2018r2 comma and parenthesis disappear

Ok, Thanks! Very annoying bug… Is there is already an open case?

Would that work if I write it using a text editor in the file?

try passing your array as BYREF as a workaround

Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks!

I can’t find an open case for this, please open one.

No problem. I’ll take care of that.

Sorry, I can’t either.

Would someone be kind enough to open a case?

By the way, I felt lazy and just added the coma in the code text file and It worked.


You can add/correct information there.