Is "Inspector Behavior" broken on Catalina?

Dear All,

I created a custom control using Xojo 2019 Release 3.1. I right click the control on the left tree view and select “Inspector Behavior”

If I remove the checkbox from one of the properties so that it is not shown in the inspector, how do I get it back?

When the “Inspector Behavior” is opened a second time the property is not shown in the list and the property cannot be re-enabled.

The work around I found was to export the control in xml and manually edit the XML to make the property visible again.

Many Thanks


I have a feeling this is an old(-ish) bug, you may want to look through feedbacks to see what has been said about it. I would have expected it to be fixed in the next release. It’s not Catalina-related.

Thank you - I couldn’t find the exact same issue through search but there seems to be other references to editing the XML to fix issues. I am a fairly conservative coder so I will avoid the “Inspector Behavior” in future.