Is IDE Dark Mode Supported in Windows?

If not, is it planned? If so, how to enable?

Thanks all.

Windows dark mode (or the new upcoming “light mode”) is for UWP applications only. Xojo is a “classic” win32 application. I would not expect dark mode on Windows any time soon.

I am specifically asking about the Xojo IDE operating in Dark Mode, not generated apps. Can you run the IDE in Dark Mode on windows?

Do you mean the new Windows 10 Dark Mode?

Since the Xojo IDE is written in Xojo, it has the same restrictions that any Xojo built app would have.

I just got an email from MS talking about the new LIGHT mode.
For goodness sake guys…

My question was more related to just using the IDE in a dark mode on Windows, rather than anything at the OS level supports a system wide “dark mode”. Many interfaces now work in a dark mode regardless of what is going on at the OS level. For example, visual studio has a dark mode that i believe can be switch to dark or light, regardless of what the OS is doing.

This gives you an example of what I am talking about.

Wikipedia Visual Studio Look at the screenshot

Or, do a google image search on Visual Studio and view the images.


VS has implemented dark mode for use within VS. But this is not OS level support for dark mode which is what we are using on macOS and would support if MS had system wide support for dark mode using Win32 API’s. They have “dark themes” which isn’t quite the same - and there is a feature request for the IDE to better support Windows themes which are system level.

Perfect, thanks for the explanation, Jason.

I have seen an app that is dark (theme or color scheme) even on OS that is not dark. For this app there is no way to change the dark background to a lighter one. There are others that let you choose a theme/scheme. I guess that’s what Joseph is asking.

This is not supported in the IDE. We rely on the native Win32 controls drawing themselves using system behaviors and this means they recolor & redraw themselves using the selected system theme. We would have to override this normal behavior in order to theme the IDE differently than the currently selected system theme. Better support for drawing the IDE using the currently selected theme colors is more likely to occur.

Have you tried turning your monitor off? So you can have a dark mode…

OK I am leaving…

[quote=418030:@StphaneMons]Have you tried turning your monitor off? So you can have a dark mode…

OK I am leaving…[/quote]

Yes, but I call that Wine mode and it isn’t very productive…

You can try a Dark theme…

Helps me reduce reduce eye strain

I would like to create windows dark mode apps
Since xojo can’t or won’t support dark mode in Windows
is there a way to change checkbox, tabpanel, & radio button colors white?
is there a plugin to do this?