Is Feedback App working ?

I just tried to submit a report and the app throw an error that it cannot connect to server, signed out and signed me back again and I just lost all what I wrote there and the report was not even saved or submitted.


Restarted the app, then I got a message that an Unsubmitted casewas found, tried to submit it again and I get “Communication with the Feedback master server has failed. Feedback will now quit.”

If I continue I can find cases, I can see other cases so all is normal except submitting cases, and it seems that Discard button will delete the temp case so back to square 1 to create again all this.

I am using it right now without issue.

vetsion # ?

Don’t the Feedback app force you to upgrade, if you are not using the latest, when you start the app?

Well I do use the latest one otherwise it will ask to update it but no idea why it did that .