Is debugging on arm32 desktop better in versions > 2021r3

At the moment I use Xojo 2021r3 because I haven’t had a good reason to renew my license. Lately I have been diagnosing some issues with my products that run on arm32.

For some reason I cannot get any stacktrace information from the UnhandledException event.

I have tried RuntimeException.Stack and RuntimeException.StackFrames, I also made sure to select “Include Function Names”

This is really adds a lot of time to debugging especially when the errors are infrequent. Sometimes there are crashes that don’t even call the error handler. When I trace these issues down, they are usually a simple NilObjectException that I would assume could be caught.

Has debugging in later versions gotten better? Is there at least stack trace information? Can I get stack information on 2021r3?


By the time you are in the UnhandledException I think the stack is already unwound. If you turn on Break on exceptions on it will stop on the line that raises the issue, rather than the exception handler.

On macOS, Linux 64 and others, both Stack and StackFrames contain the stack from the exception that was raised. It is true that the stack has been unwound and destructors have been called but there is normally still a record for debugging.

These issues happen in deployed code so I am not able to debug using the debugger.

AFAIK that’s a dummy option as Xojo is including it anyway.