IRC Channel

Just wanted to let everyone know if you are new to Xojo (or an old timer) that a few of us hang around on ##xojo on Freenode. Point your IRC client of choice to and join ##xojo

Alternatively you can use your web browser to join us at

Generally speaking theres 3-5 of us in there and we idle often. So ask your question and if we don’t offer any assistance right away, hang out awhile! One of us is sure to write back once we return to our computers.

More idlers/Xojo users welcome!

Very cool! See you guys there!

It would be very cool if Xojo Inc. either submitted for the primary #xojo channel, or promoted this one. :slight_smile:

Great idea. I’ll try to stop in when I can.

Havn’t used IRC since school 12 years ago :wink:
Maybe I’ll give it a shot!

Yup, the group is a great one. Hope to see new-comers and idlers alike!
I’m TheCire in IRC.