IPCSocket on windows

I have written 2 small projects to test IPCSocket between 2 apps : a desktop app and a console app.
That works great on macos : the desktop app calls the console app and this one answers well and write correct log files !
But nothing on windows !
The console app on windows doesn’t seem to be called (no answer and no log files)
If I call the same console app from the Windows Terminal, that works !!
----> so it looks that the IPCsocket is out on Windows.
Any idea ?
(precision, I am using nativepath on windows)

Have you included the full path to the console application? You cannot assume that the default path will be the same as your command line settings. If you configure a constant you can create macOS and Windows versions of the constant with the required path in it.

Yes full path (in native form)

Are you seeing any error messages in the logs?

which logs ?

I declare a file stored in SpecialFolder.Temporary as the one to be used by the socket.
But I never see this file inside this folder (\Users\monNom\AppData\Local\Temp\ )

Are you getting error codes from either side of the equation?
Do you have example projects (one for each side) you can share so we can see your code and check for problems?

I use this successfully with Lifeboat.

Yes, I am preparing both projects.

Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the run window. In the run dialog box, type in eventvwr and click OK. In the Event Viewer window, expand the Windows Logs menu. Under the Windows Logs menu, you’ll notice different categories of event logs - application, security, setup, system, and forwarded events

I would start with Application or System.

How to send you a Zip file ?

in fact the problem doesn’t come from the IPCSocket but from the shell.
I use the shell to launch the console app and then the IPCSocket.
But the shell doesn’t launch the console app with the message :
Autopilot.dll erreur WIL a été signalée
File: onecoreuap\admin\moderndeployment\autopilot\dll\dllmain.cpp line 128
Message : NULL

aShell.WriteLine function doesn’t work on windows.
Replace it with Execute and the Console App is correctly launched.