ipad - Problem downloading an excel file

This is a follow up question from my post a couple of days ago, two setps forward and one back it seems at the moment :-(.

I am able to download an Excel file created by my web-app to a local PC and my Anroid tablet. Expected bebehavious, confirm download, save etc. and when downloaded the file saves, and asks you whether to open to view (as excel installed on tablet and PC).

I have tried the same on ipad which also has excel installed and it doesn’t open the file, or indeed download it.

The first thing it does is ask about saving the password for the page - i select ‘Not Now’ and then it gives me a blank pwith ‘An Error Occurred’ and ‘null’ on it.

What extra steps need to be carried out to ensure the same result on an ipad? Can it be done?

ipad is running default safari browser and latest version of iOS.

dnload is a webfile property of the page

if book.Save(file) then

//not sure if this mime type required but seems reasonable
dnload.MimeType = “application/vnd.ms-excel”

dnload.ForceDownload = True
dnload = WebFile.Open(file)


MsgBox “Failed to create file.”+EndOfLine+EndOfLine+book.ErrorMessage
end if[/code]

is that excel file in old or new format?

XLBookMBS(true or false)?
File extension matches?

mime type may be different for xls vs xlsx.
xlsx has application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

I am using the.xls filetype as i could not get libxl which i am testing to modify a xlsxfile, unless of course i have been doing something wrong.

Thanks Christian I’ll have a look at your suggestions.

Thanks Christian, solved this problem with your help, set XLBookMBS(True) and XLSX files now working fine. There was a macro in the XLS file which I have removed which seemed to be causing a problem. Also used your recommened file type. I have another new problem which I will start another thread for.