iPad Mini In Simulator?

How can I get an iPad mini in my simulator for testing my Xojo apps? I assume I have to add it via XCode, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

Nevermind, I just found the answer to my own question in Apple’s documentation.

“To test apps for the iPad mini in the simulator, run your app on a simulated iPad with the corresponding type of display, either Retina or non-Retina depending on the iPad mini model.”

just simulate a full size iPad with Retina (not iPad2), they have the same pixel/point size, just a different physical size.

All iPads have the same resolution, expect the recent iPad Pro.

They have the same logical resolution, but different resolutions :slight_smile:

[quote=224393:@Albin Kiland]They have the same logical resolution, but different resolutions :slight_smile:

I should have written “the same number of points”. Indeed between Retina and non-retina, the resolution varies. Sorry, I have not got the terminology together yet.

What I wanted to say is that all iPad have the same settings for the simulator : Standard, Retina. Except the iPad Pro which has its own.