iPad app?

I just purchased the pro version so I can develop for iOS / iPad …
I’m confused, the wizard that pops up when you load xojo doesn’t seem to show a template type for an iOS application.
It only says apple.
xojo 2018 - 1.1

Is it a Desktop? Is it a Web? Is it a Console? Is there a template?

What do you mean it only says “Apple” ? Where?

Here’s a screenshot of the 2018 r1.1 new project window on Mac. Remember that you can only create iOS projects on Mac.

I have the same screen but there is NO iOS.

Do you have Xcode installed?

Ahh… I’m on windows.
I guess its only sorta cross platform?

I don’t see any raspberry pi either.

You must have a mac to develop for IOS. Requires Xcode and the simulator. Really no other way.

[quote=397164:@Brian O’Brien]Ahh… I’m on windows.
I guess its only sorta cross platform?[/quote]

To be fair, this is not Xojo’s fault. Apple does not release a Windows version of the tools needed to create and sign iOS applications.

Funny, I’d said that already. I guess we’re only looking at pictures?

I was just trying to add the problem was due to Apple’s constraints, not Xojo’s…

Not a problem for me. I have a few macs…
Just a little surprised, well not really…
But what about Raspi… I shouldn’t there be a Raspi template or is that just a linux app?

Not an issue! Wasn’t a commentary on any of the helpful posts :slight_smile:

So where is raspi development?

Console http://developer.xojo.com/pibook/xojo

Thanks all this looks great!