iPad App who to Fit to the correct size

who to Fit to the correct iPad size but with out now what is the size.

If you are using Autolayout (which is almost mandatory with Xojo) then “size doesn’t matter” :slight_smile:


Autolayout is mandatory with Xojo iOS. And what is downright crazy is that autolayout is active in the layout designer, so it decides by itself what your controls will be relative to depending of where you land the control.

Actually, you cannot decide to make your controls relative to left and top, unless spending two hours setting up obscure constraints. And YET, if you move ever so slightly a control, all your patient work goes down the drain, replaced by the idiot robot. It is not auto layout, it is auto stupid :confused:

with that I could not agree more

Thanks for all inputs, i am beginner is xojo ios.

What you need is the page at

You can set constraints to be relative to the view size, so even if you don’t know the size of the screen, things will be proportional.