iPAD app deployment without iTunes


I have created one iPAD application and needs to install it on iPAD device.
I do not want to deploy it on iTunes, so I am using XCode on my machine to install it on iPAD device.
Now, I need to install this application on any iPAD device from any location.
So I need alternate way to iTunes, so that any iPAD device can install my app there from any location.
Is there any alternate way to do that?

submit your app on the appstore
use apple configurator
buy an enterprise developper account at apple to deploy out of the apple store

Bulk deployment of iOS apps requires you to go through Apple in some manner:


Enterprise developer only allows you to deploy to machines within your organization not anyone.

You will have to submit yours to the app store to distribute to anyone.

Once you have the proper provisioning profile (see Paul’s answer), if the question was how to get it on authorized devices the method I use is putting it on a web server and providing a link to install over-the-air. This has been available since iOS 4, but starting around iOS 8 requires it to be done via HTTPS. There are loads of examples out there, but here is one:

Setting up iOS Over the Air Download

Here is another just using Dropbox (since it provides a HTTPS link):

Distributing an IPA over the air with dropbox