IoT basics and programming - for starters

Hello all,

I’m a bit confused with how IoT works, and how to create an app that can upload to a website so data can be shared. Can anyone point me in the right direction(s)?


Hi Tim, there are many samples on the web. But it depends, what you want to do.
After trying a lot, I have now devices which are controlled by a gateway.
It also depends on how deep you want to dive into IOT ( KNX, Modbus, ZigBee, WLAN…) and how you want to control it ( ARM devices - Pi and friends,…- .

Some of them support REST API and the devices in my house provide a api.

Some sources:
OpenHab ( JAVA,…)
FHEM ( Perl,…)


Samsung developer …
Phillips HUE


BR Rainer

Here are the links to HUE and Samsung

Samsung developer …
Phillips HUE