When I try to set this property ex: myiOSToolButton.enabled = true, I get a “cannot assign a value to this property” error.

The docs say: “Enabled As Boolean Enables or disables the button.”

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Not yet possible. Maybe some declare can do this.

Is this set for some future update?
Do you know where we can find examples of declare code?
It does not appear to be something that is handled by the provided constructor.

What class is iOStoolbutton? I checked the example UIButton declare example from the ios/declares example folder and enabled works there.

One example too much but no edit available … :wink:

I thought about changing the tab icon to reflect a disabled status. No luck.

View.Tabicon = iOSImage does not work. Neither does View.TabTitle.

Both described at seem to be modifiable.

It looks like a bug, but with so many things “by design” it can just be the LR that misses the read only mention…

I believe tab bar buttons are UITabBarItem classes described at

There are the image, title and selected properties.

More on view.Tabicon and view.TabTitle…

TabTitle can be changed on the fly when there are both icon and title displayed.

TabIcon can be changed, but the new icon displays only when one navigates to another tab…