iOSTable opens scrolled past bottom

I’m learning to use iOSCustomTableCells and everything is working. My custom cell has 4 labels of height 20 stacked one above the other. There is no space above or below the labels in the custom cell, so I’m using an estimated row height of 80. A set of arrays populates the labels in each row using a datasource. The rowcount is .Ubound + 1. The custom cell displays properly and the table is populated correctly with the data from the arrays.

However, when the table opens, the section title and the first two labels of the first table element are scrolled off the top of the view. If I drag the table downward in the simulator I can see the correct section title and data in the first table element, but when I release, the table pops back up to where it was. Trying ScrollToPosition has no effect. Anyone have an idea of what I should be looking at to fix this?

Did you set the Table Top to TopLayoutGuide.Bottom ?

If you set it to TopLayoutGuide.Top (which is the default), the first cells might appear hidden by the NavigationBar

Doh! That was it. I usually catch that when I add a table to a view. HATE that Xojo defaults that to Top. Thanks!