iOSTable cell.tag question

i have 2 views with 1 table each and 1 class with some propertys.

On the view1 table i have some dates on open handler with bellow code.

YearTable.AddSection("") Dim cell As iOSTableCellData For i As Integer = 2015 DownTo 1971 cell = New iOSTableCellData("Model "+ i.ToText) cell.Tag = i.ToText YearTable.AddRow(0, cell) Next
And on the action handler the bellow code

Dim v as new view2 dim Cell as iOSTableCellData = YearTable.RowData(section, row) dim tYear as text = Cell.Tag Self.PushTo(v)
On the class named (customer) i have a property (name) tYear and Type (integer),i want to get the date from the cell.tag and use it on the view2
When i run it i get always empty but if i put break on the view1 table action i see the cell.tag to have the date.
Where i am wrong ?
Any help appreciated

I don’t see code there where you pass the year to the new view.
Maybe you add a method on the view which you call here and pass year as parameter?

Or, pass the year to the new view in the constructor. So, define a method called “Constructor” in your View2 view and give it a parameter of theYear. Then create a local property in View2 called mYear. In your Constructor method, set mYear = theYear. To call your view, do “dim v as new View2(tYear)”.

I am bit confused about this solution.
I pass the parameter “tYear as text” on the constructor on view2 and is public but i get error on the view1 when i call the “dim v as new View2(tYear)”//item (tyear) do not exist…
The value from the cell.tag i want it public all over the project!

if i make it this way bellow

Dim v as new view2 dim Cell as iOSTableCellData = YearTable.RowData(section, row) tdata.tyear =cell.tag //tdata is the module and tYear is the property Self.PushTo(v) Next

to assign the value to the property is this the right method to do ?

tdata.tYear = cell.tag //tYear is property on module tdata

thank you Jason i find the error.
i have populate the Dim v as new view2 before the iOSTableCellData so the results was empty.

I’m glad you got it sorted Loannis.