When I add the “Right” attribute to an iOSSegmentedControl in the Xojo Auto-Layout, Xojo crashes. It does not crash if the “Right” attribute is the only attribute. So I have to delete all other attributes before adding the “Right”. Does anybody else experience the same problem?

I’ve filed a bug report and hope it gets solved with the next release. Is there a homepage where I can see what bugs/features they’re currently working on?

What is the bug report number?

It seems I can reproduce this.

It’s 60204.

While we’re talking about the iOSSegmentedControl, I have another issue. I’m using icons on the iOS segmented control. The icons are PNG images, 28x28 in size. In the simulator they look good, on the real device they appear “pixellated” (if that’s a proper expression), as if they were too small in size. If I increase the PNG image size, they will not show at all in the segmented control. Is there a workaround?

Do you have an image set with @2x and @3x images?

Recommended size for icons on iOS is 25px, 50px@2x and 75px@3x

That did the trick, thank you Jeremie! It seems the Xojo Documentation page needs some updating…