IOSscrollview(xojo example)

i am using the IOSscrollview(xojo example).
my code is on the open event but i get the first page half size and no ScaleAspectFit,and the second ok without ScaleAspectFit .
i try to figure out how i will get the photo full paged with ScaleAspectFit?
Can anyone help me on this?

dim cc() as Integer = array (0,1, 2, 3, 4) dim r as iOSImageView for i as integer=0 to cc.Ubound r=new iOSImageView r.Image = pic1 me.AddControl r r.ContentMode = iOSImageView.ContentMode.ScaleAspectFit next Pager.numberOfPages=cc.Ubound+1 Pager.currentPage=0

I’m having a similar issue and I asked @Antonio Rinaldi about it last week. I’m sure Antonio will work out what we’re doing wrong and let us know.

thank you Jason.

any Work out news from Antonio ?

Antonio is finishing off a large web project at the moment but he says that in a couple of days he should have time to test a few ideas and help us move forward.

thank you for one more time Jason :wink: