iosMobileTable does not respond to tap

I have a table using a custom cell.

If I tap on it, nothing happens.

This is an iPad app, and there are actually two tables on the screen. User is supposed to select a row from the table on the left, and then the program populates the table on the right. That’s working fine. Then the user (if desired) may tap on a row on the table on the right to possibly edit or review the info, but nothing happens.

Xojo 2023.3.1

Obviously… (sorry to ask)
is it enabled?
does it have an event handler?
Is it covered by a canvas?

Does it make sense to add ‘swipe’ buttons to request edit etc?


Often asking the obvious is the best thing to do.
Is enabled.
Does have an event handler (put break point there, nothing happens).
Not covered by a canvas.
Just turned off the movable option. Still no go.

Sounds like it’s the custom cell that is the issue. Check to make sure elements don’t overlap or in the right order if they do. I use blank buttons on top of an imageviewer so I can use an SF Symbol icon for the button and have to remember to put the button on TOP.

I think the problem was that row reordering was on. What I did this morning is basically redo the example with my data, and things are working.

I’ll be posting another topic about tables a little later.

Thanks to everyone for suggestions.