iOSLabel Height always 100

Hi everybody!

I have a few labels on a view. In the Auto-Layout, I set their heights to different percentages of a iOSRectangle, for example, Height = recBackground.Height * 10% or 3% or 6%.

During runtime I would like to read the absolute values of their heights but Xojo returns me .Height = 100 for all labels, although they clearly have different sizes on the view. Am I reading the wrong property?

Thank you!

I might add that Xojo returns .Width = 100 for all labels as well.

when are you reading this ?
that may be relevant

Tested to be 100.0000 (value indebugger) at all times so it seems. I think that Xojo doesn’t even set these or maybe used only in View.activate event? (If that one works)?

they may not reflect the actual frame or content sizes
I dont recall that level of detail about the iOS C++ code and whether they do or not

however it should be possible to read the frame and content sizes with a declare
jeremey or jim m or one of the other folks who have posted a ton of declares for iOS may already have done this

EDIT : it seems indeed Jeremy just posted about this

ah I wasnt clear
when as in “in the open event” or some other event ?

I am sorry Norman, I didn’t see Jeremy’s post when I searched for a solution. I only focused on height, not on width. I will try that.

For the sake of completeness, I tried reading the height value on the view’s Open and Activate event as well as the label’s Open event. Same result every time.

It works like a charm! Thank you all for your help.