IOSKit won't load ?

I downloaded IOSKit (new to iOS, doing a bit of exploring/experimenting).
When I click on IOSKit.xojo_project the IDE hangs while loading. Maybe I’m not suppose to run this?

Or is my environment out of date? OS X 10.9.5, Xcode 6.2, Xojo 2015r2.2?

Or (since it’s on GitHub and I don’t know squat about GitHub) was I suppose to do something other than just click the download button?

Thanks in advance for any pointers/help.

Hi David, I just downloaded a fresh copy of iOSKit off Github and it opened just fine for me. You should check the console to see if Xojo put any messages there about errors, and maybe try restarting Xojo and/or your computer. My computer is also on 10.9.5 and running 2015r2.2. It takes a little while to open (almost 2 minutes on my computer) so maybe you need to let it sit a little longer before you force quit Xojo?


Thanks for the replay Jason.

I will look into this over the weekend. Got some last minute issues to deal with.


No problem. Definitely keep me posted because if there is an issue with it loading then I would like to fix that ASAP.


Sorry to report no luck so far. I did delete the folder containing the IOSKit, downloaded it again and rebooted
my machine. But no luck.

It appears to get stuck (as if it were in a loop it can’t get out of) when it loads the IOSKit.xojo_project. If I navigate to
the folder containing this xojo_project and select the project file Xojo starts up, the loading dialog appears and then
the file selection dialog appears - with no files selectable. Opening a folder reveals more files that are not selectable.
The Cancel dialog dismisses the selection dialog and then the selection dialog reappears. Requires a force quit.

Same problem whether I pick the xojo_project to start Xojo or start Xojo and then pick the xojo_project.

Admittedly I don’t follow your suggestion to look in the console (not sure where to look and all Xojo menu options are disabled).


Hi David,
I now see where you are having trouble. It appears that the launch images and app images are not properly imported by Xojo from a fresh download. This doesn’t actually matter since I just used the images provided by the Xojo examples. Although it appears to be in a loop, it will actually only prompt you twice with a selection dialog before the project will finish opening. So if you just hit cancel twice everything should work. Without the image assets I’m not sure if the project will compile – if not you will have to add them manually by copying them from one of the Xojo provided examples. I’ll have to see if I can fix this on Github, but since my master project has all of the assets and images as expected, I’m not sure where I will need to look to fix it.

And the Console is actually the Console application found in Applications/Utilities/Console. It will be your friend in the future since Xojo puts compile and link errors there when building iOS apps and it will allow you to determine what is wrong and fix it.

Hopefully this helps,

Thanks Jason,

The project is loading now. It took as many clicks as there were missing launch/app images.
Xojo 2015r2.2 opens the IOSKit but then looks for 2015r1’s Examples/iOS (I have r1) which it can’t find.
I’ll copy launch/app images as you suggested.

So thanks again.