iOSKIt and 2016R3


I went to and downloaded the master.

When I try to run iOSKit.xojo_project, I get plenty of errors. Is it normal or is it tied to 2016R3 ?

Hi Michel,
This is tied to the iOSTable changes. I have a new version which will work properly that is almost ready to be pushed. All of the classes work as expected in 2016r3 (and lower) it is just the demo views which use the old style of iOSTableCellData.

I understand. Thank you. Jason.

Hello Jason,

I am using Xojo version 2016r2.
I went to and downloaded the iOS kit master.
When i tried to run ,I got plenty of errors.
Can you please provide us latest link for iOS kit?

Hi Nikita,
Please download again as I have just updated iOSKit to restore compatibility. Please let me know if you have any further questions or problems.