iOSHTMLViewer and pictures

In all my desktop apps, I use to have an HTML Page in Resources that shows up with this the HTMLViewer Open :

Sub Open() Handles Open dim f as folderitem = specialfolder.GetResource("index.html") me.LoadURL(f.URLPath) End Sub

It displays the pictures next to it with the simplest of code :

<img  src="printer@1x.png">

Strangely enough, the iOSHTMLViewer shows the page itself fine, but none of the pictures. I double checked, they are there, permissions are 644 and it should display the pictures, but it does not.

Is there anything specific to iOS I should know ? Some plist setting maybe ?


I did try File:/// but it did not work.

Looking forward for the declare.

Thank you Jean Paul.

I opened the project of Elementary Later from january 2015, and sure enough, with exactly the same code, it displays pictures. Something seems to have changed since then.

I thought about that, but since it is not http:// anyway, I doubted it.

I just tried, it does not work.


And it is mighty vicious.

It is not a question of security.

When I drag a picture in the IDE named “printer@1x.png”, what gets copied into the bundle is “printer1x.png”. So all the links I had prepared in my local Resources folder are fracked up.

Now that I know what is going on it will be simple to correct.

This is really very vicious, because printer@2x and printer@3x are not changed… Go figure …

Problem solved :slight_smile:

Oh, I’d file a bug report about 1x naming for that then.

45330 - iOS name of pictures changed when dragged into the project

OS: OS X 10.12.1

Xojo: Xojo 2016r3

Steps: Any picture named as (Removed) see its ampersand stripped and the file ends up in the bundle as

Attached is an example of a project where I dragged a picture called (Removed). Run it and look at the debug app bundle : it has become printer1x.png.

It does not occur with @2x and @3x pictures.

Actually, it happens only when the picture is the first one of an image set.

The same does not happen in Desktop.


Wait… is it removing an ampersand (&) or the @???

the @