iOSCustomTableCell and pushTo(newView)

I am developing with an iOS app with questionnaires. To show the questionnaires I use an iOStable. A question is shown with an iOSCustomTableCell. That works without problems.
Now there is the wish to be able to add a photo to a single question. Startpoint is an iOSCustomTableCell to open a newView and the IosPicturePicker on it.

I would prefer to use Pushto (newView), but that method is not available in an iOSCustomTableCell.

With app.CurrentScreen.Content = newView I can open the newView, but I have lost the link to the iOSCustomTableCell.

How can I solve this? Or is it not possible?

The easiest way to achieve this is to use a Delegate/Callback mechanism. (has an example project)

I have tried 2 days to get it working, but I can not figure it out.

I want to place a button in an iOSCustomTableCell to add a photo. I have tried an iOSView and ModalView, but without success.

It goes wrong with the call: self.PushTo (v). self points to (of course) the iOSCustomTableCell and not to the iOSView.
But How can I solve that?

I used iOS example project TableDataSourceDatabase as a test. Link to application


Using TableDataSource is the way to go, but you also need to implement a delegate so that it is the containing view that calls the self.Pushto and not the CustomCell.

In the first link from my previous post, you will find a working example.

Thanks @JrmieLeroy! The TableDataSource, that was the trick. It is working now.