iOSCanvas - Keyboard

The Canvas Control in desktop projects has several events to evaluate the keyboard input.
iOSCanvas does not have these. Is there a way for the following things:

  1. if an iOSCanvas has the focus (for example with a Boolean property “HasFocus = True”) to show the iOS keyboard
  2. respond to iOS keyboard input?

Thanks for your input.

it is my understanding that only objects that support “canBeFirstResponder” can show the keyboard
and I would doubt that a Canvas is such an object.

I wrote an app years ago (Swift) where I needed to emulate this type of behaviour… what I did was created an invisible textfield, and had it manage the characters…

What are you trying to achieve. IOSCanvas is not designed to do this, so maybe we can suggest an alternative approach?

It is about the representation of a custom control that should react to user input. UITextField and UITextArea are not options for me. I’m just evaluating if it would be possible at all.

Would that be a game ?

A large amount of styling can be applied to a text field/area. Check out
Which should have most of it

let a Textfield do the work… it doesn’t have to be visible to the user… but then you are free to make it as difficult as you’d like I guess.

Maybe you can add a Textfield (out of visible bounds) to your custom control. So Canvas ist for design and textfield for user input.
You can then react on the TextChange Event to do whatever you want.

Hans… might want to read all the topics first… I only suggested exactly that twice so far… but it seems the OP for some unknown reason has rejected that solution

Dave i’ve read your suggestions, but what i wanna add is that he can stay for a canvas to use (for whatever reason) and has more options for his UI. For example to use the Tap Up/Down events from canvas to get focus or clear input or whatever. I personally have created a custom control for my formula calculator in this way to have an input control with additional function buttons in it.
I don’t wanted to repeat what you’ve already mentioned, that would be time wasting.

At any rate, the OP is free to continue pursuing an untamed ornithoid :smiley: