IOSBitmap to Picture

How do I turn an IOSBitmap in an IOSview to a Picture that can be used in a Mobilescreen?

You will first need this in a module (which is available in iOSDesignExtensions)

Public Function ToPictureXC(extends image As iOSImage) As Picture
  //Creates an image that will draw and keep its colors
  Const UIImageRenderingModeAutomatic = 0
  Declare Function imageWithRenderingMode Lib "UIKit.framework" selector "imageWithRenderingMode:" (id As ptr, RenderingMode As Integer) As ptr
  Return Picture.FromHandle(imageWithRenderingMode(image.Handle, UIImageRenderingModeAutomatic))
End Function

And use it like this:

Dim p as Picture = theBitmap.image.ToPictureXC
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Thanks Jeremie

@Jeremie_L Are there any extensions that can take a screenshot of a control or cropped screen?

Yes, iOSKit has a screenshot feature in Extensions module > Screenshot

I am sure the code can be adapted to take screenshots of a specific control.