IOS UI Design

I wrote the app below a few years ago (first mobile App :slight_smile: ) and I have continued to use it as a template for my latest ones. However when I reviewed a comment I noticed a user wasn’t too happy with the design. Anyone point me to a good example of what is considered ‘best practice’, I’m not looking to do a full rewrite but if I can implement some simple changes that would be good.

I notice @Jeremie_L did an XDC back in 2014 but I am sure things have changed since then

It won’t help, but it looks fine to me.
Did they say WHY they weren’t happy?
I dont have this app, but based on the screenshots the only thing I could throw at it is the same kind of thing I throw at websites.
‘Is it obvious where you need to tap, to do something?’

Print the website, show it to someone on paper, and ask them what they would click on.
Print the screenshot, show that to someone and ask them how they think they would do X

Unless you write a utility app like a text editor or a spreadsheet, these days there doesnt seem to be any adhered -to standard for UI.
(Im ready to see the posts that disagree, but when I open any 10 apps at random, I find it hard to see what they all hold in common)

In my experience, customers sometimes send comments about ‘I dont like the design’ but never say what they think ‘better’ would be.

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One issue was that the Stories Screen didn’t scroll the photo at the top of the page with the text, instead the text only scrolled half the screen. I suppose I could have used a container to put them both in.

The application looks fine to me as well. However, the fact that the photo is not scrolled with the text might be the issue (you have just mentioned that).

I do not have or used this app but looking at the screenshots it’s not that bad. Simplicity is mostly the best.
Not sure why you would put time into changing it. Just focus on the customers who do like it. One individual is not enough to change your app imo

That said, I would change the size of the black icon in the TableView. It’s too big imo; :wink:

Yes I agree, I have fixed that in later apps. This one was before I knew how to do custom cells :slight_smile: