IOS tableview cell background image

Hi guys, is there a way to set an image as background to a cell? Its easy in swift, but I need to do it in xojo.
Something like this.

Hi Roland,

The easy way: Create a customCell with an iOSImageView in the background that will display the picture.

The difficult way, assuming you already have cell and image properties:

[code]Declare Function objc_getClass Lib “/usr/lib/libobjc.dylib” (aClassName As CString) As Ptr
Dim theUIColorClassRef As Ptr = objc_getClass(“UIColor”)

Declare Function decl_GetColorWithRGBA Lib “UIKit” selector “colorWithPatternImage:” (UIColorClassRef As Ptr, imgRef As Ptr) As Ptr
Dim myUIColorObject As ptr = decl_GetColorWithRGBA(theUIColorClassRef, Image.Handle)

Declare Sub setBackgroundColor Lib UIKitLib selector “setBackgroundColor:” (obj_id As ptr, col As ptr)
setBackgroundColor(cell.handle, myUIColorObject)