iOs Table and customCell

When using customcell with a custom data base any conditional statement will execute randomly when scrolling the table. It doesn’t matter whether the conditional statement is the result of a button action in the customcell, a code in the Set property, the RowData Method or even in a Timer Action event. As an example my code is something like this:

[code] if ChecklistItemLabel.Text.Left(3)<>" " Then

			ChecklistItemLabel.TextFont = iOSFont.BoldSystemFont(18)

Everything is fine until you scroll and then then the above statement is executed randomly. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

I had a similar problem before iOSTable has a weird handling of each custom cells. Each time you scroll, it randomly picks a hidden custom cell and reuses it for the newly scrolled custom cells. You would have to write code to handle this situation with a Dictionary list to keep track of their actual row numbers.

The cell is reused (container). So this evaluates each cell that is created/refreshed etc.

Another topic has an explantion for this.