iOS Support on Windows?

In 2022r2 there is an option on Windows for an iOS project. Is this going to be added in future releases? Even if you can only open the project in read only would be super helpful. I’m not holding my breath for building on windows as I know how Apple are. Especially because iOS requires xcode to build. Could be used in conjunction with Remote Debugger to allow coding on a Windows PC


Ultimately Xojo will have to chime in, but the main hurdle is that the IDE relies on Xcode for more than just signing and without it, it’s darn near impossible to do all of those things.

Agree but the Remote Debugger could be used to still link to Xcode. Wishful thinking…

Would still really like to open in read only if building isn’t an option in the near future

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Cloud based solution could be done right?

There are used MacBooks on Backmarket for less than $300. You will probably be able to do iOS much sooner than if you wait for Xojo.

I type this on a 2015 MacBook which is available there for $191 :slight_smile:

Sure, it is slower than my M1 Mac Mini, but it is still quite usable.

I’m using two 2015 intel mbps as my main development machines.
Easily fast enough, and they can still run Windows and Linux in VMWare fusion
I’ve ordered an M2 Air, but if I am honest, I don’t even really want to swap.
For me, the convenience of the intel machine far outweighs any speed improvements I am likely to see from M2.

The speed improvement is real, though. When I switched from the Intel Mac 27" to Mac Mini M1, the later was twice as fast.

That said, indeed the 2015 MacBook is quite fast enough for Xojo development. Besides, the speed difference shows only for compilation. While coding, there is no difference.

I use a mac mini for ios development. I dont like having to code on 2 different setups. I primary develop on Windows.
Tbh i dont like using a mac at all so if i could get rid of it I would. Xojo please make this a reality lol

The trick with the cloud-based solutions is that you have to give the service your private code signing keys. If the service gets hacked (or anyone that had access), they’d be able to sign other software using your key. Personally that’s way out of my comfort zone.

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You can use app specific passwords for this. Known low-code platforms use this and the apps are signed by their company or your own certs. There should be api’s or such avail to publish directly to itunes connect by authorized 3rd parties using app passwords.

If you going for a cloud based solution there are ways to mitigate those security concerns. I would rather they got it working locally first