IOS support (12.5.6)


i just finalized my first web app in Xojo, testing it with various browsers and on different operating systems.
Almost all current used browsers and OS work fine, but when i use an older I-Pad with IOS Version 12.5.6 and safari (same with older iphone too btw.) i face some trouble:

I can click(tap) on webtextfileds, my virtual keyboard shows up and i can commit data into the app by pressing return on the keyboard after typing, works fine so far.

But when i face any kind of webuttons or messagebox dialogs, tapping the buttons results in no action at all.
The taps are recognized though, tapping on a multirow weblistbox clearly changes the selected row, but i do not get any response to the event(pressed) on any webcontrols.

Is that a known issue with older ios versions or am i missing something ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


I’m not sure if Xojo Web supports iOS 12.x, you may want to open an Issue, attach a sample of your code that reproduce this problem and give details that this only happens with iOS 12.x, @Ricardo_Cruz may take a look and see if anything can be done.